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Minnesota Construction Defect Litigation Attorneys

If you have been involved in a residential or commercial real estate transaction, including the construction of a home or building, and there are disputes regarding performance under a contract, you want an experienced lawyer who will examine all aspects of your situation, so that all your interests are protected. Real estate disputes can affect many other areas of your life or business, including tax, financial and personal convenience.

At the law firm of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we take an integrated approach to real estate litigation, working collaboratively across many legal disciplines to identify and address all concerns related to a residential or commercial real estate dispute. We recognize that every situation is unique, and work closely with you to learn the details of your case, as well as your goals, so that we develop a strategy to meet your objectives. We combine hard work and integrity with a dedication to the highest standards of our profession.

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Rochester Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

We represent individuals and businesses as plaintiffs or defendants in civil litigation related to or arising out of real estate transactions, including:

  • Breach of contract actions: We handle broken purchase agreements , as well as disputes regarding failure to perform or inadequate performance under a contract.
  • Easement or boundary line disputes: Our lawyers will help you resolve title, easement or boundary line issues.
  • Construction litigation: We will represent you in claims involving alleged construction defects, as well as mechanics and materialman’s liens.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes: We protect the rights of parties to residential or commercial leases, handling enforcement of options and renewal terms, as well as eviction or unlawful detainer actions.
  • Zoning and land use matters: We will represent you in matters involving the enforcement or appeal of a land use application or adverse zoning determination.
  • Financing issues: We also help parties work out broken financing arrangements, including agreements involving construction projects or agricultural property.

A new Minnesota law (Chapter 327A) makes arbitration mandatory for construction claims, effective January 2010. In addition, many real estate contracts have mandatory arbitration clauses. Our lawyers have extensive experience with arbitration proceedings and have successfully protected the rights of many clients in real estate arbitration hearings.

Minnesota Construction Defect Litigation Lawyers

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