Rochester Lawyers For Early Neutral Evaluations

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is rapidly gaining popularity in Minnesota and is frequently ordered by the court. Through the ENE process, divorcing couples are able to discuss their disputes with a team of two professionals – one male and one female – in an attempt to resolve their differences without resorting to litigation.

There are two types of ENE:

  • Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE), which deals with all of the issues related to children, including child custody, parenting time and child support. The professionals who oversee SENE proceedings have experience in the field and are often lawyers or former judges familiar with Minnesota family law.
  • Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE), which deals with financial disputes in a divorce, including division of marital assets and debts, spousal maintenance and other issues. The professionals involved in these evaluations can come from a variety of backgrounds, including lawyers, accountants, business valuation experts and others.

Providing Sound Advice During ENE Proceedings

At the law firm of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we represent clients in all areas of family law. Our Rochester attorneys for Early Neutral Evaluations advise clients on the issues that will be addressed during the process, and what to expect during their sessions. The goal of these sessions is to help divorcing spouses to reach agreement on their differences. When an agreement cannot be reached, the professionals evaluating your case will issue a nonbinding decision on the dispute.

In every instance, our only concern is to see that you receive the best available outcome and that your interests are fully protected. We conduct a thorough analysis of any agreements or decisions that arise from your ENE divorce mediation session and advise you on any issues that could leave you vulnerable over the short or long term.

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