Child Support

Minnesota uses a set of statutory guidelines to assist in the calculation of child support obligations following a divorce. Sometimes referred to as an “income shares model,” the guidelines look at each parent’s gross income as well as parenting time, child care expenses, medical care expenses and other considerations in the process of establishing a child support order.

There are a number of important issues that need to be addressed during a child support proceeding, and these cases can become extremely complex. Be sure that you have a reliable Rochester child support lawyer representing you from the start. At the law firm of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we represent parents on both sides of child support issues.

Working To Secure A Fair Child Support Order

One of the most important aspects of any child support case is obtaining accurate income information for each parent. We work hard to identify all sources of income, including commissions, annuity payments, rental property payments and any other funds that should be considered in the child support calculation.

We identify the parent who is paying for the children’s health care and day care expenses and determine if the parenting time agreement has any impact on either parent’s child support obligation. Regardless of which side of the case you may be on, you can rely on us to do everything in our power to ensure that a fair child support order is established.

Contact A Minnesota Child Support Attorney About Your Case

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