Minnesota Child Adoption Attorneys

The adoption process can be arduous, whether you are a stepparent seeking full parental rights with respect to the children of your spouse, or you are looking to start or build a family through a private adoption. You may have to complete a family study, submit to a background check or seek the voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights. You want a lawyer who will help you identify and address all the potential issues, so that your joy in growing your family is not unnecessarily tempered by unexpected legal obstacles.

At the law offices of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we work collaboratively across legal disciplines, taking an integrated approach to adoption. We understand that every adoption is unique and take the time to learn the details of your situation, so that we can minimize the risk of problems or obstacles at any stage of the process. We combine a strong work ethic with compassion and dedication to the highest standards of our profession, always working to get the best results for you.

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Rochester Adoption Attorneys

We work with individuals at any stage of the adoption process, whether you are simply considering filing for adoption and need guidance regarding your options, or you are involved in efforts to adopt and have run into difficulties or need legal counsel to protect your interests. We will prepare all the required documents throughout the process and will be your advocate with all parties, including birth parents, adoption agencies and the courts.

We handle a wide range of adoptions, including:

  • Stepparent or relative adoptions
  • Domestic adoptions
  • Private adoptions
  • Direct adoptions

Because of our experience, we can identify most stumbling blocks before they arise, helping you take the steps necessary to effectively and efficiently complete the process.

Minnesota Child Adoption Lawyers

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