Probate Litigation

Minnesota Estate Litigation Attorneys

When a loved one dies, even if they left a well-constructed estate plan to govern the division of their estate, disputes can arise. There can be concerns about the state of mind of the decedent when the will or trust was prepared, or whether there was undue influence. If you are involved in a dispute in probate court involving the estate of a loved one, you want lawyers who will take a thorough approach to resolving your problems.

At the law offices of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we work collaboratively across legal disciplines, taking an integrated approach to identify and resolve all your legal concerns. We are experienced trial attorneys who understand the unique language and procedures found in the courtroom. We meticulously prepare every case we handle, always assuming we will go to trial, but ready to negotiate a settlement that is in your best interests. We combine hard work with a dedication to the highest standards of our profession, always seeking the result that best meets your goals.

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Rochester Probate Litigation Attorneys

With a thorough understanding of trusts and estates law, we represent either side in disputes arising during the estate administration process. We handle:

  • Will contests: Our attorneys litigate claims questioning the validity of a will, involving allegations of undue influence, coercion, duress or lack of mental capacity. We will represent the estate or potential beneficiaries.
  • Claims against fiduciaries: We handle claims involving allegations of impropriety by an executor, administrator or personal representative, including claims of self-dealing or conflict of interest.
  • Lawsuits regarding the validity of gifts or trusts: We represent parties in controversies involving the transfer of a gift or the execution/establishment of a trust.
  • Disputes involving contested guardianship: Our lawyers will advocate for either side in disputes over the creation of a guardianship, whether for a minor or an adult.

Minnesota Estate Litigation Lawyers

We understand that probate litigation involves disputes between family members and that cooperative solutions often allow the parties to protect family relationships. Though we are experienced trial attorneys, we also encourage our clients to consider other means of dispute resolution, including negotiated settlements or mediation.

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