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When you face misdemeanor criminal charges, not only are your rights at stake, so are your future opportunities. A misdemeanor can negatively impact your employment and housing opportunities. For that reason, turn to us here at Ryan & Grinde, Ltd.Our firm draws on decades of experience when advising you with respect to whatever misdemeanor charge you are facing. We can advise you in a comprehensive variety of misdemeanor cases, including, for instance, assault and shoplifting.

Understand Your Rights. Know Your Options.

You may be coming to our site because you have been referred to us by a former client. We take great pride in the fact that former clients send their friends and loved ones to us.

We live up to the trust placed in us by helping our clients to be less fearful of the criminal process. Part of eliminating that fear means helping you understand exactly what it is you are facing.

You should know that a misdemeanor can involve three months of jail time as well as a $1,000 fine. It does not involve the severity of punishment involved, for instance, in a felony case. A misdemeanor is also different from a gross misdemeanor.

We also want you to understand that we are here to help you. Criminal cases are not always just a question of whether you “did it” or not. Instead, a criminal case often involves discretion on the part of a judge or a prosecutor.

We help you understand how your case may be able to be negotiated to a lesser penalty depending on who is involved. We also help you understand, though, when challenging your case in court best protects your rights now and your interests in the future.

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