Do You Want to Prevent Others from Having Access to Your Criminal Record?

Perhaps an expungement can help you.Minnesota law allows for the expungement of criminal records. That means that your criminal record will be sealed.

Why Use An Attorney For An Expungement?

When it comes to an expungement, you do not want to leave your legal process to chance. Sealing your criminal record is a technical legal process with its own complicated rules, none of which are simple common sense.

For that reason, using an attorney is a way to get your expungement done right the first time. Getting it done right the first time not only means you will get your result faster, it will also save you money in the long run.

We work with you on a wide variety of criminal expungements. These matters can involve convictions related to:

  • Controlled substances
  • Juveniles who were prosecuted as adults
  • Law enforcement identification data and information
  • And more

We understand expungements because the attorneys at our firm have handled criminal defense matters for more than 35 years. That experience means we know the hidden pitfalls of the expungement process that can often trip up even the most well-intentioned and deserving expungement efforts.

Rely On Our Experienced Legal Judgement

Learn more about expungements and how one may be able to help you. Call us to schedule an initial consultation at 507-218-7935. You can also reach us online if you prefer.