DUI Costs

Getting A DUI Can Cost You

If you are facing DUI charges, your immediate concern may be if you have to go to jail. What many people do not know is that the financial penalties associated with a DUI can often be more severe and more life-altering.

Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., offers highly experienced DUI defense services to Minnesota clients in Rochester and St. Charles. We understand that you and your family can be affected by the high costs of a DUI. We will fight on your behalf to protect your rights and help to minimize the financial cost to you.

What Does A DUI Cost?

The cost of a drunk driving charge can add up quickly, with the fines going up as the severity of the crime goes up. Court costs for a DUI are as follows:

  • Misdemeanor: maximum fine is $1,000
  • Gross misdemeanor: maximum fine is $3,000
  • Felony first-degree DUI: maximum fine is $14,000
  • If your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was .20 or more, you may face an additional $1,000 fine.

Out-of-court costs can include:

  • Car towing and storage
  • New license plates in the event of license plate impoundment
  • Driver’s license reinstatement fee of $680
  • Alcohol treatment classes
  • Chemical use assessment fee of $125
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Increased insurance rates

Additionally, if your driver’s license is suspended, you may have a difficult time traveling to and from work. It is possible that you can lose your job, making it a real challenge to pay your court and out-of-court costs.
As DUI defense lawyers, we are well versed in the strategies that can be used to protect your rights against drunk driving charges. With more than 35 years of experienced, we have helped many people in Rochester and the surrounding area to get their life back after an arrest and avoid the heavy costs of a drunk driving charge.

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