Do You Know Your Options?

Perhaps the single biggest obstacle to you protecting your rights is whether you even know your rights. Too many clients approach us either not understanding their rights or misunderstanding the rights they do have.Let the attorneys of Ryan & Grinde help you. Whatever your criminal case, our firm puts more than 35 years of experience in your corner. We fight to protect your rights.

Experience Means Judgement

We understand criminal defense law and how it works. We also understand how your case is shaped depending on what judge or prosecutor is assigned to your case.

Our firm can assist you in a wide variety of criminal defense matters. These matters include, among others:

When you make difficult decisions during these emotional times, you can depend on us. We provide you with the objective judgement you want in order to make your decisions confidently, knowing that you are relying on the experienced wisdom we have gained over the course of more than three decades of legal practice.

You will also know you have experienced attorneys in your corner who understand when your rights are best protected by seeking a plea deal and when they are best protected by going to trial. Whether you are in or out of the courtroom, you can depend on us to understand and protect your best interests.

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