Contract Disputes

Nearly all business-related transactions depend on a contract to ensure both parties understand the expectations of the situation. When the terms of a contract are in dispute or one of the parties has breached the contract, complicated litigation may follow. If your business is involved in a contract dispute, enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney.

We at the law offices of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., possess in-depth knowledge of business law and contract issues. As business owners ourselves, we understand the impact that any contract disputes can have on your business. Resolving these as efficiently and effectively as possible allows you to get back to running a successful business. We work closely with business owners and operators, taking the time to get to know their operations. This allows us to ensure we are pursuing a resolution to the dispute in a manner that suits the best interests of the business.

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Breach Of Contract

One of the most common types of business contract disputes is breach of contract. In this case, one party to the contract is alleging that the other party violated the terms of the agreement. This can occur in any type of contract situation, including vendor contracts, sales contracts, trade secret agreements, restrictive covenants and commercial real estate contracts, among others.

Employment Contract Disagreements

When an employee signs a contract, he or she is bound by the terms of that contract. If the employer believes the employee is not in compliance with the contract or the employee believes the same about the employer, it can result in a lawsuit. We represent businesses that are taking action against employees and attempting to defend themselves against accusations they violated the terms of an employee’s contract.

Partnership Agreements

When stakeholders in a business disagree, it can have a devastating effect on the business. It is important that any partnership contract or other ownership agreement controversies be resolved as quickly as possible in order to preserve the future of the business.

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