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Minnesota Breach of Contract Attorneys

When you own or operate a business, disagreements over the terms of an agreement or whether a party’s performance complies with their promise can arise at any time. Ideally, your differences can be resolved cooperatively, with both parties acting reasonably to settle the matter. When you can’t find a solution through negotiation, however, you want an experienced lawyer who will pay close attention to all your legal concerns.

At the law offices of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we take an integrated approach to business litigation, working collaboratively across a number of legal disciplines to identify and address all potential issues. We know from experience that every situation is unique and we take the time to learn the intricacies of your legal dispute, so that we can formulate a strategy tailored to meet your goals. We combine a strong work ethic with a dedication to the highest standards of practice in our profession.

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Rochester Business Litigation Attorneys

Our lawyers represent businesses and business owners as plaintiffs or defendants in litigation involving:

  • Breach of contract: including violation of an employment agreement, a restrictive covenant or a trade secret agreement
  • Commercial collections
  • Debtor-creditor disagreements
  • Ownership controversies: including shareholder or partnership disputes over capital contributions, control, new members, rights to buy out interests, decisions to buy or sell a business, or compliance with by-laws or operating agreements
  • Business fraud

When you hire us to protect your rights in business litigation, we will issue demand letters and initiate legal proceedings to recover any damages you have sustained. When appropriate, we hire forensic accountants and investigators to uncover evidence and expose malfeasance. We have also established a network of experts who help us build the best case for your financial recovery.

At Ryan & Grinde, we recognize that most small businesses cannot afford a legal department of their own. We’ve developed and continue to cultivate consultative relationships with our clients in order to better assess their needs and take legal action when necessary. After your business litigation matter is resolved, we’re positioned to continue as your legal counsel, advising you in regard to changes in the law, other contracts, and day-to-day business operations where indemnification and liability issues arise, at your request.

Minnesota Breach of Contract Lawyers

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