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Bankruptcy laws changed in 2005. Many people overburdened by debt are still eligible to file for relief. At Ryan & Grinde, our bankruptcy lawyers evaluate your financial situation, explain your options, and help you take steps to reduce or eliminate debt. As your attorneys, we also put an end to persistent calls and letters from debt collectors demanding payment. Once hired by you, communications or inquiries from creditors should be channeled through our office.

Contact Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys at Ryan & Grinde for bankruptcy or debt counseling assistance today. Located in Rochester, we represent clients throughout the Red Wing, Winona, Wabasha, Preston, Austin, Lake City, St. Charles, Stewartville, and Owatonna areas.

Filing For Bankruptcy

Ryan & Grinde represents clients in the following types of bankruptcy filings:

Ryan & Grinde also handles Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings for farmers in need of debt relief. We have represented many farm families over the years and can help you do what is necessary to restructure your obligations and avoid losing your farm.

Whatever the bankruptcy, we can help you understand a variety of components critical for a bankruptcy. These components include, for instance, the effect of the bankruptcy discharge, the creditor meeting, means testing and adversarial proceedings.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In October 2005, Congress amended the Bankruptcy Code. One significant and sometimes controversial change established a “Means Test” which is used to determine who may file for Chapter 7 protection from creditors. The “Means Test” may not be very straightforward in some cases, and disputed legal issues do exist.

In the event that means testing signals that you may not file a Chapter 7, you may still be able to obtain relief with a Chapter 13 filing.

If you are eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will appoint a trustee who will collect and liquidate your nonexempt property in order to pay creditors a percentage of what you owe them.

Thus, analysis of your property and determining whether or not it is exempt under state or federal law is an important part of your attorney’s representation.

While Chapter 7 allows you to discharge secured and unsecured debt, certain kinds of taxes, student loans, and domestic property and support obligations are not able to be discharged. Your home, pension plans, 401ks, and other retirement funds may be exempt. Contact Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys Ryan & Grinde today.

Credit Counseling Agencies And Personal Financial Management Courses

As part of your bankruptcy filing you will need to complete a prefiling credit briefing and a post-filing credit briefing. These credit briefings may be completed via phone, internet or in person. Click here for our preferred approved credit counseling agency. Click here for a list of other credit counseling agencies. Once you complete the prefiling credit briefing you will be given a Certificate of Counseling. Once you complete the post-filing credit briefing you will be given a Certificate of Debtor Education.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In general, people who do not qualify for Chapter 7 may be able to restructure their debt under Chapter 13. Debt is not discharged in the same way as Chapter 7. Chapter 13 requires people to pay back a portion of what they owe creditors pursuant to a payment plan. So, while foreclosures on your home can be halted, you will be required to make regular, continuous payments on your debt for up to three to five years. The amount you will be expected to pay on a monthly basis will depend on your income and assets and the legal requirements for confirmation of your plan.

Taking the First Step — Contact Ryan & Grinde Today

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As to bankruptcy matters, we are designated a debt relief agency under the BAPCPA. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Ryan & Grinde, located in Rochester, Minnesota, represents clients throughout Dodge County, Fillmore County, Goodhue County, Houston County, Mower County, Olmsted County, Wabasha County, and Winona County.