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Truck Accidents Archives

Rochester man survives deadly string of truck accidents

Truck accidents occur all too frequently across the country and cause injuries and deaths for a number of victims each year. Such truck accidents happen right here in Minnesota as well and leave innocent parties recovering from traumatic collisions with big rigs and other large trucks. Not long ago, two large trucks were involved in a compounded accident on a Minnesota highway.

We can help victims recover in a truck accident

When Minnesota residents are injured in truck accidents, chances are that the injuries are serious. This is primarily because of the size difference between the two vehicles involved. An 18-wheeler is significantly larger than a passenger vehicle and has the potential to crush the other vehicle.

Truck accident injures 3-year-old tractor driver

Semi trucks are a common sight on the roadways in Olmsted and throughout the state. While these vehicles are a common part of the landscape, their familiarity does not make their presence any less of a risk to smaller vehicles. Add in that the amount of time drivers spend on the road in their rigs and the potential for inclement whether, and there is a significant chance that a truck accident will occur with dire consequences. The sheer size of these vehicles make it highly probable that there will be severe injuries and fatalities in a semi truck crash.

Minnesota couple dies in truck accident, teen injured

A Minnesota couple in their sixties was killed in a multi vehicle accident involving a semitrailer recently. They had taken their granddaughter sightseeing and were now in another state visiting family members. Their teenager granddaughter sustained serious injuries and was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for those injuries. A police investigation continues into the truck accident.

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