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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Overview of Minnesota helmet laws for motorcyclists

For the last few weeks, motorcyclists all over Minnesota have probably been clearing out space in the garage to store their motorcycle for the winter. With fall well underway and winter looming close, the weather in Minnesota is going to take a turn that makes the prospect of going for an afternoon ride distant until spring rolls back around. Motorcyclists are generally a cautious bunch, constantly doing their part to raise awareness among other drivers to be on the lookout for riders on the road. However, some motorcyclists may not be aware of the helmet laws in Minnesota.

Minnesota motorcyclist killed by golf cart

In these warm summer months, it is not unusual for some Minnesota residents to take their motorcycle out for a spin. Many people consider motorcycles to be the best combination of recreational vehicle and practical mode of transportation. But with the low fuel costs and fun ride, come high risk.

Safety tips to avoid motorcycle accidents in Minnesota

An accident usually causes injuries to all those involved, but when the crash is between a motorcycle and another vehicle, the injuries tend to be more serious, not only because of the difference in the size of the vehicles, but also because of difference in protection that is available to motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders have little or no protection when they are on the road surrounded by cars weighing two tons and are often often overlooked by drivers as they make their way down the road.

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