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Immigration Archives

Are you eligible for a green card?

With all the talk about immigration reform, you may be wondering if the path to life in the United States is open to you. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, there are many ways you may qualify to apply for a green card - the documentation that allows you to live here as a permanent resident. However, there are limits to the number of visas that are granted each year in most cases, and your preference classification may make the difference in whether your application will be considered.

Top 10 questions on how your divorce may affect your immigration status

Going through a divorce can be enough stress without the added element of immigration issues. While all your time and energy may be focused on terminating your marriage, you cannot neglect how this change in your relationship may affect your ability to remain in the United States after your divorce. Here are ten common questions and answers which arise when divorce and immigration intersect:

Leading 6 Presidential Candidates on Immigration Issues

Immigration has again become one of the more contentious issues among the presidential primary candidates. Immigration laws are overdue for an overhaul, making the views of the man or woman entering the oval office next critical. With all of the debates, attacks, and changing of positions, it can be difficult to discern where each candidate stands on the subject. Trump, who has made the loudest splash across headlines on immigrants in the United States, is not alone in having an opinion on how to solve America's immigration issues. As the primary season is fast approaching, it is important to understand where each candidate stands on the subjects. In an effort to provide some clarity on the candidate's current stances on major immigration issues, I broke up the leading candidates' current messaging by major topic.

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