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4 things to know when divorcing in senior years

For many couples, "Till death do us part" is no longer uttered with the same zest that it was in the past. Divorce has become an integrated part of society, an occurrence so common that it no longer deserves the hushed tones of years past. However, if you're one of the growing number of people age 50 or older who decide to call it quits on matrimony, you'll likely face a whole slew of challenges unique to your demographic. Here are four issues you need to keep in mind if divorce becomes part of your retirement plan.

Help! I'm getting a divorce and I'm broke

Divorce and financial challenges go hand-in-hand for many people. Money is frequently cited as a leading cause of divorce, and when that divorce occurs, people find themselves with one income to pay their bills, rather than two. For many, it's not simply losing the house they love that's at issue... it's losing their lifestyle and possibly ending up over their heads in debt.

Consider This

  1. How can you tell when a lawyer is lying? You can see his lips moving.

  2. What's the difference between a leech and a lawyer? The leech stops sucking your blood and drops off once you're dead.

  3. Satan stopped at a lawyer's office to make him an offer. "I agree to quadruple your income while you only have to work six months a year. In addition, I agree that you will live a healthy, happy and active life until your death at 100 years old. In return, I require the souls of your wife, children, and grandchildren" explained Satan. After reflecting on this offer for a few moments, the lawyer looked up at Satan and asked "What's the catch?"

New Year's Relationship Resolution

The freshness and hope of the New Year causes many to make resolutions, most commonly about money and exercise. By mid-January the best-laid plans often crumble into old habits and that new gym membership, which has increased our expenses, may not get the use intended. The outcome is increased frustration.

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