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Can you pursue a claim if you were in a rear-end collision?

Driving involves a lot of actions that require quick reflexes, prediction and negotiation. As mentioned in last week's blog post, even driverless cars are, at times, unable to negotiate turns and traffic situations as well as a driver. As Minnesota drivers are aware, drivers have to remain aware of changing traffic situations and alter their actions accordingly. This may be the reason for the presumption that when someone hits your car from behind, they are at fault because they should have kept enough distance between the two vehicles and should have anticipated the front car's movements.

What damages can be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit?

Readers of this blog may have read multiple times how they can hold a negligent driver responsible for causing a car accident and possibly recover compensation from them. This might bring them to the question-what compensation can they recover? What kinds of damages can be awarded if someone in Minnesota is injured in a car accident?

Possible drunk driving accident kills one

Though it is a common behavior that most people across the country engage in on a daily basis, driving is still one of the most dangerous activities people engage in, even in Minnesota. Following safe driving practices and paying attention to changing road conditions are ways to avoid crashes, but there are certain factors that will definitely increase the likelihood of a wreck. One of those factors is alcohol.

Pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal accident

Most people would agree that drinking and driving is a bad idea, as it impairs the driver's cognitive abilities and reaction time and should definitely be penalized. However, they may not feel the same about texting and driving, even though recent research has shown that using a cellphone, even if it is hands-free, affects a driver's concentration to the same extent it would be affected if their blood alcohol level was 0.08 percent.

Examining Minnesota trucking regulations

Minnesota car drivers have most definitely shared the roadways with truck drivers-the truck's size and weight makes it difficult to miss. They may even be aware that truck drivers drive their vehicles for long periods of time and this may make automobile drivers wary of them-longer hours without rest means fatigue and drowsiness which may lead to truck accidents.

Considering a wrongful death lawsuit after an accident

When a person's death is caused by another person's negligence in an unexpected car accident, the sudden death can be tragic. Minnesota residents who find themselves with families members who die in these types of circumstances are left trying to not only come to terms with their loss, but also trying to understand how someone else could be so irresponsible with another driver's life.

Hit-and-run accident claims life of skateboarder

All people on the road in Minnesota must be aware of the surroundings, situations, and circumstances. It is best to expect the unexpected and make certain to pay strict attention to what is happening with other vehicles, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Unfortunately, this is not a rule that everyone follows and it can lead to a car accident victim suffering severe injuries and even being killed. When an event like this occurs, it is important for those involved to know what they should do next.

One injured in suspected Minnesota drunk driving accident

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after having a few drinks may not seem like a big deal to some drivers, but this might be because intoxicated drivers forget they are not only playing with their own life but also putting other drivers' lives at risk as well. In fact, drunk drivers cause turmoil not only in the lives of other drivers on the road but also the family members of accident victims, who have to deal with an injured or deceased loved one.

Working against the other side's low-ball tactics

The elements required to prove negligence in a car accident to receive compensation were outlined in last week's post on this blog. If a personal injury case in Minnesota is successful, the accident victim may be able to receive compensation to cover the medical expenses associated with treating their injuries, pain and suffering and even for lost wages. But if the case is unsuccessful, because any one of the required elements was not met, then an accident victim may be denied the compensation they sought.

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