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July 2015 Archives

What are the elements of negligence in a car accident?

Minnesota drivers may have read various posts on this blog about holding a negligent driver accountable through a lawsuit for causing an accident that resulted in injuries. However, lets take a step back and consider what exactly that means. In order to hold someone accountable in a personal injury lawsuit for causing an accident, it must first be proven that that person was liable -- was responsible for causing the accident.

Most recent statistics for a bicycle accident show rider risks

There are numerous benefits for people in Minnesota who choose to ride a bicycle instead of driving a car. In addition to the exercise, it helps the environment and can save money as well. That, however, does not eliminate the jeopardy people place themselves in when they are on a bicycle. The most recent statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate the causes and effects of a bicycle accident.

Study shows spike in teen accidents during summer months

For many teenagers, the summer months represent a sun-soaked period of freedom from school. For those among them who are able to drive, this sense of freedom can be greatly increased by getting out on the open road. However, a recent study shows that the road becomes a significantly more dangerous place for teens during the summer.

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