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April 2015 Archives

Mock accident shows implications of drunk driving

Though many Minnesota residents may want to believe otherwise, the sad truth of the matter is that drivers do drink and drive. This behavior is even more likely to happen if the driver is a teen and the chances of drinking and driving may increase even more in certain situations, such as prom night. In order to make students understand the reality of a drunk driving accident, students often stage mock accidents during this time of year.

April is distracted driver's awareness month

Despite all the awareness and various laws targeting distracted driving, the percentage of people injured in an accident involving a distracted driving increased nine percent, from 387,000 in 2011 to 421,000 in 2012. According to one source, one in four car crashes involves a distracted driver. Minnesota residents may not be aware that distractions on the road can take three forms, visual, where the driver takes their eyes off the road; manual, where the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel; and cognitive, where the driver takes their mind off driving. Texting and driving is an especially dangerous distraction as it combines all three distractions.

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