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October 2014 Archives

Auto accident involving three cars hospitalizes two people

In Rochester, an auto accident can happen at any moment without warning and cause serious long-term problems to those involved. It can even lead to fatalities. A car accident can happen for a multitude of reasons from a driver behaving recklessly, to using a cell phone while driving, because of the weather or due to many other factors. Regardless of how it happened, those who were victimized need to know what to do in its aftermath.

Head-on collision leaves one seriously injured and another dead

Everyone drives differently and people can change how they drive in a moment's notice. In drivers' education class, instructors attempt to engrain in people the virtues of being a defensive driver and while many people heed their advice, there are those who choose to follow a different path. There are many different driving styles, with some of the more common styles including aggressive driving, distracted driving, competitive driving and actions that constitute road rage.

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