Deportation Has Rules. We Know Them.

If you are worried about deportation issues, we know you are scared. Your future and most likely those of your loved ones are at stake.

For that reason, we put you in the hands of an experienced deportation defense attorney who understands how these things work. Attorney Susannah E. Nichols holds the years of experience in deportation law that you need to make sure you are getting the representation you need.

Years Of Experience And The Knowledge That Comes With It

Susannah understands that immigration law is about learning your unique circumstances as much as it is about the legal rules. She combines the best of both worlds by showing you how the law applies to your circumstances and what you can do about it.

Her guidance in deportation matters address the entire range of concerns you may have. These concerns can arise in a number of different circumstances, including, for instance, those circumstances involving:

  • Illegal entry
  • Fraud
  • Criminal conviction
  • Expiration of visa
  • And others

We work with permanent and nonpermanent residents alike when it comes to fighting deportation. In doing so, we also put at your service where necessary our firm's established criminal defense attorneys. Combined, our criminal defense and deportation defense practices can help you understand your full range of options when those two areas of law intersect.

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