Let Us Help You

At Ryan & Grinde, LTD. we offer immigration legal services for asylum seekers because we take great satisfaction in helping people live their lives safely here in the United States. The dream of the immigrant, after all, is the dream upon which our country is built.

Helping immigrants in need of asylum, therefore, provides particular rewards to us. It is one of the areas in which our job as attorneys is most needed. For that reason, we enthusiastically ask you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you apply for asylum.

Years Of Experience In Immigration Matters

Our firm's immigration attorney, Susannah E. Nichols, holds years of experience in immigration law. Her practice began in Washington, D.C., our nation's capital, and has now settled here in Minnesota.

Those years of experience have provided Susannah, not only with the legal skills, but also with the personal skills that asylum seekers need. We know you are scared and worried about your future and the future of your friends and loved ones. Susannah understands that the law is about relationships and people.

For that reason, you can count on your concerns being heard by Susannah. She works with you individually so you understand the asylum laws and how they apply in your situation. She will also help you choose from your options wisely so you can move forward with your life confidently and securely.

We Will Guide You Through The Legal Hoops Of Gaining Asylum

We can help you understand your personal situation and determine if asylum in the United States is the best course for you. To have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney, contact us at 507-218-7935. We can schedule an initial consultation with you over the phone or online.