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Minnesota Severance Agreements Attorneys

If you are negotiating an employment contract, and need to protect your company’s bottom line, or you have an ineffective executive for whom you need to provide a fair severance package, you want a lawyer who will consider the impact your actions have on all aspects of your business. You want comprehensive counsel from an attorney who has successfully represented others in similar circumstances.

At the offices of Ryan & Grinde, Ltd., we take an integrated approach to employment contracts and severance agreements, working collaboratively across a wide spectrum of legal disciplines to identify all potential issues, so that we can develop a strategy that meets your individualized needs. We will listen carefully, so that we fully understand your goals, and will work hard to get the outcome you seek. We combine hard work and integrity with a dedication to the highest standards of practice in our profession, using our skill, knowledge and experience to protect your interests.

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Rochester Employment Contract Attorneys

We focus our compensation and severance practice on the needs on employers, helping you with the negotiation and enforcement of employment contracts with professionals, executives and other key personnel. We will carefully construct an agreement that addresses all key employment issues, from compensation to fringe benefits to severance, helping you put contracts in place that give you the flexibility you need to effectively run your business.

Working mostly with small to mid-sized businesses, we identify and document key compensation terms, including restrictive covenants, at the beginning of an employment relationship. We will also represent you in negotiations involving termination or the continuing effect of any restrictive covenants, should you end an employment agreement.

Under the right circumstances, we will also represent an employee in the negotiation or enforcement of an employment or severance agreement.

Minnesota Severance Agreements Lawyers

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