Can you pursue a claim if you were in a rear-end collision?

Driving involves a lot of actions that require quick reflexes, prediction and negotiation. As mentioned in last week’s blog post, even driverless cars are, at times, unable to negotiate turns and traffic situations as well as a driver. As Minnesota drivers are aware, drivers have to remain aware of changing traffic situations and alter their actions accordingly. This may be the reason for the presumption that when someone hits your car from behind, they are at fault because they should have kept enough distance between the two vehicles and should have anticipated the front car’s movements.

However, lawyers at our firm understand that rear-end collisions are highly complex legal matters and cannot be brushed aside lightly, especially when the injuries that result are life-threatening. We have extensive background in handling rear-end accidents and work diligently to protect Minnesota car accident victim’s rights.

Injuries require medical attention and, often, that medical attention can stretch out over a number of days. We assess each claim, conduct our own investigation and make a compelling case for the accident victim. We also keep clients abreast of their options and determine whether the facts of the case present grounds for a claim against the other driver.

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and it is not prudent to discard an accident victim’s concerns just because they were in the vehicle behind the primary one. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney may help those involved in such accidents move forward in a solid legal manner. For more on rear-end collisions and pursuing justice after an accident, visit our page.