What damages can be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit?

Readers of this blog may have read multiple times how they can hold a negligent driver responsible for causing a car accident and possibly recover compensation from them. This might bring them to the question-what compensation can they recover? What kinds of damages can be awarded if someone in Minnesota is injured in a car accident?

The most common and obvious type of damages is for medical expenses. If a car accident victim is lucky, the only type of injuries they sustain will be minor cuts and bruises. However, often the injuries are more serious, and, in some cases, permanent disability or scarring may occur. This means people are subjected to long term medical treatment and medicines they did not budget for or intend to have. This can include physical or cognitive therapy, consultations with health care professionals and in-home services.

After the initial medical examination, a doctor may decide that further treatment is required. This must be taken into account when determining the financial award. Even if the accident victim succumbs to their injuries, their loved ones may be able to recover medical expenses that the victim incurred.

Compensation for lost wages may also be recovered. Accident victims may be unable to work because of time spent in the hospital or they may have other issues that prevent them from earning in the same capacity as they did before the accident. In order to claim under this heading, it is essential to prove the ability to earn was impaired by the injuries sustained in the accident. Past earnings are taken into account when determining the award, and juries will also consider age, occupation and life expectancy.

There are also other types of damages that can be awarded to an accident victim, such as loss of companionship or pain and suffering. Though it is not possible to quantify the injuries sustained in an accident, compensation received through a personal injury lawsuit may help families get through the emotionally and financially difficult time that follows a car accident.