Possible drunk driving accident kills one

Though it is a common behavior that most people across the country engage in on a daily basis, driving is still one of the most dangerous activities people engage in, even in Minnesota. Following safe driving practices and paying attention to changing road conditions are ways to avoid crashes, but there are certain factors that will definitely increase the likelihood of a wreck. One of those factors is alcohol.

Alcohol impairs a driver’s cognitive abilities, affecting the ability to react to changing road conditions on time. When this happens, a driver may be unable to brake on time or keep the necessary distance to ensure safety. In some tragic situations, a driver may be intoxicated to the extent that he or she may not be able to make sound decisions and end up in the wrong lane altogether, as seems to have been the case in one recent accident.

Alcohol is suspected to have played a factor in a recent head-on collision in Minnesota. According to investigators, a 2003 model vehicle driven eastbound by a 24-year-old crossed the center line and hit a 2001 model vehicle head on. The second vehicle spun around and hit another car.

The passenger of the second car died as a result of injuries suffered in the crash, and the driver was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the third vehicle apparently hit the brakes so hard to avoid a further collision that they broke their ankle. The errant driver was also hospitalized. Tests reportedly showed he had alcohol in his system. It is possible that upon discharge from the hospital he will be booked on criminal charges.

Whether or not a drunk driver is booked on criminal charges, family members of a car accident victim or the accident victim themselves may be able to file a civil lawsuit. An alcohol-related accident is one that is completely avoidable and holding a drunk driver accountable for their negligent behavior may be one way family members get closure.