Avail our resources in a texting and driving accident

The penalties for texting and driving in Minnesota were mentioned in last week’s post on the Rochester Motor Vehicle Accidents Blog. Despite an increase in harshness of penalties, it still seems to be a common occurrence and one that is increasingly leading to fatal accidents that could easily be avoided. Holding someone accountable for texting and driving through a lawsuit may sound appealing, but the first question many Minnesota residents may have is how they are supposed to go about doing it.

In reality, proving someone was texting and driving is complicated, and often needs an in depth investigation to conclude with as much certainty as possible that the person was distracted while driving. These things require experience and resources and lawyers at our firm have both. Luckily, lawyers at our firm are experienced in this area-we use accident reconstructionists to tell us the most likely scenario and who could be responsible for the fatal car accident. In addition to this, we obtain police reports and investigative documents that could shed light on the accident. Our aim is to present the strongest possible case for our clients and get them the compensation they rightly deserve.

It is not possible to quantify the loss someone goes through when they lose a loved one, especially in a sudden and preventable accident. In fact, perhaps compensation is the last thing that is on their minds, but compensation can help with the practicalities that accompany losing a loved one-medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering. We work to protect these rights of the victim’s loved ones and try to get compensation for all these heads.

Victims have the right to pursue compensation and lawyers at our firm can help them exercise that right. For more on texting and driving accidents, visit our webpage.