Considering a wrongful death lawsuit after an accident

When a person’s death is caused by another person’s negligence in an unexpected car accident, the sudden death can be tragic. Minnesota residents who find themselves with families members who die in these types of circumstances are left trying to not only come to terms with their loss, but also trying to understand how someone else could be so irresponsible with another driver’s life.

One way to get closure could be to file a wrongful death claim. Although it is not possible to quantify the loss families go through when they lose a loved one, another reality of life is that medical bills, insurance costs, funeral expenses and daily costs are all affected when a family member dies, especially if the deceased was the primary breadwinner of the household. The financial and legal implications of a loved one’s death are probably the last thing family members want to think about, but it can be important to consider the options as soon as possible after a fatal accident.

At our law firm we work to protect our clients’ interests and we understand that although no amount of compensation will never be enough and expenses may be the furthest thing from a person’s mind, a certain amount of financial support can help family members get through this difficult time. We attempt to resolve the matter as quickly and efficiently as possible, but this does not compromise our dedication to pursuing a fair settlement or judgment.

We deal with each case individually, and we may even consider the possibility of punitive damages where it is obvious that the liable party acted with complete disregard for another person’s wellbeing. For more on how we attempt help the family members of victims understand their legal options and rights, please visit our wrongful death page.