Working against the other side’s low-ball tactics

The elements required to prove negligence in a car accident to receive compensation were outlined in last week’s post on this blog. If a personal injury case in Minnesota is successful, the accident victim may be able to receive compensation to cover the medical expenses associated with treating their injuries, pain and suffering and even for lost wages. But if the case is unsuccessful, because any one of the required elements was not met, then an accident victim may be denied the compensation they sought.

Much of recovering compensation comes down to negotiation. Defendants and their insurance companies are often represented by highly-paid attorneys who work hard to make sure their clients get away with paying the least amount they possibly can. Victims often feel pressured into accepting the first offer made to them, but those are often much lower than what they expect and deserve. With the help of skilled attorneys working for them, the injured stand a better chance of recovering fair compensation.

At our law firm, we recognize that every accident is different and every accident victim is dealing with their personal injuries, which is why we take the time to listen to each client’s story and work with them in pursuing the compensation they are seeking. In order to ensure the compensation is properly evaluated, we enlist the help of expert witnesses.

Recovering from an accident is difficult enough, without having to worry about strong-arm negotiating tactics that the other side may use to deny victims a fair settlement. An experienced personal injury attorney can fight for an injured client’s interests so that the client can concentrate on his or her own physical, mental and emotional recovery. Visit our car accident web page.