Study shows spike in teen accidents during summer months

For many teenagers, the summer months represent a sun-soaked period of freedom from school. For those among them who are able to drive, this sense of freedom can be greatly increased by getting out on the open road. However, a recent study shows that the road becomes a significantly more dangerous place for teens during the summer.

The report, conducting by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, presents a number of different statics connected to teen drivers and accidents. In a big-picture view, more than 370,000 people were injured and nearly 3,000 were killed in accidents involving a teen driver in 2013. While this number is alerting, it is important to note that the overall number of teen accidents have decreased during the research period (1994-2013).

As for a closer look at the sunny summer months, recent statics have being giving credence to the three-month period ominously dubbed “100 Deadliest Days.” The report shows that an average of 220 teenage drivers and passengers died in each summer month in 2013, an increase of 43 percent in comparison to the other months of the year.

Despite a driver’s awareness and safe driving practices, it is still possible that, due to someone else’s negligence, drivers can become involved in an accident and suffer an injury as a result. In these situations, it may be possible to hold the negligent party accountable for their careless behavior. Though the damages may be great for those injured in car accidents, a personal injury lawsuit may make finances available to cover medical expenses that resulted from the accident.

Source: AAA, “Teen drivers put everyone at risk,” accessed June 30