What are the top reasons for fatal MN car accidents?

Rochester, along with the rest of Minnesota, has been making an effort to drive itself towards zero traffic fatalities. Although there has been a steady decline in the amount of people killed on Minnesota roads in recent years, still far too many have perished. What have been the reasons for these tragic deaths? The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has released their most recent accident statistics concerning roadway casualties.

The focus of the study is to determine how and why driving deaths are occurring and utilizing this information to help prevent fatalities in the future. According to the report, 387 people lost their lives on Minnesotan roads in 2013. The main causes of these fatal accidents fall into four categories: excessive speed, distractions, impaired driving, and failure to use a seat belt. Too many of these deaths were at the hands of negligent drivers.

The statistics compiled include innocent people who lost their lives due to the actions of another individual. These fatalities could qualify for a wrongful death lawsuit that can be pursued by the deceased’s surviving family. Wrongful death lawsuits may be able to help ease the financial burden left after the sudden and unjust death of a loved one. It is way of recourse for families struck by tragedy after a fatal accident.

A sudden fatal accident caused by the negligence of another can leave families in a state of confusion and hurt. Understanding the vulnerable condition of the family and their needs after such a terrible accident is crucial to getting them back on their feet. Life will never be the same for those who have suffered a tragic death in the family; however there are ways to help recover lost finances and ease pain and suffering in this terrible situation.