Two injured in 3-car accident

The results of a car accident are felt not only by the people inside the vehicles involved in the wreck, but their family members and loved ones might also be effected. In some situations, when an accident takes place on a busy road or around other vehicles and pedestrians, other drivers can be caught up in the crash and may suffer injuries as a result. Driving carefully and responsibly is one of the best ways to avoid these situations, but there may be little one can do to maneuver out of a situation where a car is coming straight at them and they are stuck in traffic.

This may have been the case in a recent three-car accident on a Minnesota Highway. One driver was taken into custody as he is alleged to have turned onto the state highway, broadsiding another vehicle carrying two people over the age of 60. Another vehicle collided with the first one, the driver of which was also a woman over the age of 60.

The driver who caused the accident was arrested and is being charged with driving under the influence and criminal vehicular operation. These are serious criminal charges, but do little to help the victims’ losses.

Injuries that result from a car accident often require hospital attention and medical bills may pile up over time. Not many people budget for unexpected medical bills, and they are often unable to cover these costs. In addition, if car accident victims are over a certain age, it may take longer to recover and may require more medical attention than if the driver is younger. Fortunately, it may be possible to hold the errant driver responsible for his negligent behavior. A civil suit would be completely different from a criminal one, but it can proceed independently and may bring victims much financial relief.