Mock accident shows implications of drunk driving

Though many Minnesota residents may want to believe otherwise, the sad truth of the matter is that drivers do drink and drive. This behavior is even more likely to happen if the driver is a teen and the chances of drinking and driving may increase even more in certain situations, such as prom night. In order to make students understand the reality of a drunk driving accident, students often stage mock accidents during this time of year.

One high school in Minnesota has taken it a step further and enlisted the help of various departments such as the police, fire, paramedics and even the medical examiner’s office. The mock accident shows a student hit another car after prom night. The driver’s date dies on the spot as she is thrown from the car and the driver’s friends in the backseat suffer serious injuries. The car that is struck in the mock accident has a mother driving with her child and CPR is shown as being administered to the mother. The scenario ends with the student being arrested for drunk driving.

The mock accident is an attempt to show how a single mistake can change the lives of everyone involved and attack students’ notions that drunk driving accidents happen to other people-it is in fact very possible that anyone can be involved in one due to the drunk driver’s negligence.

Injuries result from a car accident, whether it is caused by a drunk driver or some other factor. These injuries may require long term care and it may be possible to recover those medical expenses along with other forms of compensation from the negligent driver through a personal injury lawsuit.