Rochester man survives deadly string of truck accidents

Truck accidents occur all too frequently across the country and cause injuries and deaths for a number of victims each year. Such truck accidents happen right here in Minnesota as well and leave innocent parties recovering from traumatic collisions with big rigs and other large trucks. Not long ago, two large trucks were involved in a compounded accident on a Minnesota highway.

The first accident in the series of collisions occurred on Highway 52. A vehicle travelling south on the highway crossed the center line and hit a semi-truck that was travelling north. The vehicle became disabled and was then hit again by a second semi while it sat in the northbound lane of the highway. As a result of the two collisions, two people died and a Rochester man was seriously injured.

The deceased victims as well as the injured party were all in the non-semi vehicle. While the families of the deceased will now have to begin the difficult process of coping with the loss of their loved ones, the Rochester victim will also have a hard journey ahead of him as he fights to recover from his injuries. In addition to medical bills and other health-related costs, the victim may be forced to spend time away from his job and therefore not in a position to earn an income. As authorities investigate this matter they may discover how much liability the truck drivers carried in causing the fatal crash.

A semi-truck crash can have devastating results as demonstrated by this story. Victims who suffer at the hands of negligent truck drivers and trucking companies are sometimes entitled to compensation for their accident-related damages. Individuals who have suffered such harm may seek guidance from personal injury attorneys to learn if their claims are actionable.

Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “Minneapolis woman 1 of 2 killed when semis and car crash near Zumbrota,” Vince Tuss, March 7, 2015