Teen dead in fatal car accident

A fatal car accident affects many people, including not just the parties immediately involved in the accident, but also their family members and other people present at the scene of the accident. Losing someone suddenly in a car accident, especially a young person who had their whole life in front of them, can cause great emotional pain and suffering for the loved ones left behind, and not much can alleviate their pain.

Holding the negligent party responsible for their careless behavior is one way that Minnesota residents can try to gain closure after losing a loved one. In addition to criminal charges against the responsible party, a civil suit of wrongful death is one way to hold negligent drivers accountable.

This may be going through the mind of the family members of a 17-year-old who lost his life in a fatal accident caused by a drunk driver. According to the criminal complaint, police could smell alcohol on the breath of the 34-year-old charged with causing the accident, and his speech was slurred. They also found alcohol in the man’s vehicle. Police believe he crossed the center line of the road near an intersection and struck the other car head-on in the other side of traffic. The force of the collision sent the teenager’s vehicle into a ditch. The teen was trapped in his car and died at the scene of the crash. In addition to leaving one dead, the accident also caused injuries to two people. Criminal charges have been filed against the drunk driver.

Though it is not possible to quantify the loss family members suffer when they lose a loved one, a civil suit may be one way for them to seek compensation for the financial burden resulting from the accident, so they can focus on recovering emotionally. In situations like this, a personal injury attorney may be able to assist Minnesota victims and their loved ones through the legal process.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Man, 34, charged in crash that killed Sandstone teen,” Feb. 17, 2015