Bicycle accident fatalities increased in 2012

Though not many Minnesotans are probably getting on their bikes these days due to the weather, when the sun peeks out and the roads are relatively clear, avid bikers may take to the road to flex their legs and enjoy the healthy activity. However, it is easy for cars to overlook bicycles sharing the roadway with them, especially during this weather, and this may be the reason the top cause of injury bicyclists face is getting hit by a car.

With bicycle fatalities representing less than two percent of all traffic fatalities, bicycling does seem to be a relatively safer mode of travel, but the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration released 2012 figures that demonstrated a more than six percent increase in bicycle fatalities between 2011 and 2012. In 2012, 726 people lost their lives in bike accidents with motor vehicles, amounting to two people losing their life in a crash across the country daily. Though the number may seem like a small one compared to motor vehicle drivers, for Minnesota residents who have lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, even this number is too high.

Losing someone unexpectedly in a crash, especially one caused by someone else’s negligence can be a devastating event and very difficult to get over, both emotionally and financially. Holding the negligent party accountable for their behavior through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be one way for the victims of a loved one to come to terms with their loss.

Holding someone accountable through a civil suit can also be a way to get compensation to cover financial expenses that accompany an unexpected loss so that loved ones can focus on coming to terms with their loss without worrying about the financial aspect of the accident.

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, “Pedestrian and Bicyclist Crash Statistics,” accessed on Dec. 30, 2014