We can help victims recover in a truck accident

When Minnesota residents are injured in truck accidents, chances are that the injuries are serious. This is primarily because of the size difference between the two vehicles involved. An 18-wheeler is significantly larger than a passenger vehicle and has the potential to crush the other vehicle.

With serious injuries come serious medical bills and it is also possible injured victims need to take time off from work to recuperate fully. After an accident, the last thing victims want to do is get into the complications of a personal injury claim, but often time is of the essence and action must be taken immediately in order to file a claim.

Lawyers at our firm understand the full nature of the loss accident victims suffer and know how to fight to protect their rights. Because of our experience with truck accidents, we understand the various reasons truck accidents can take place and know where to look to locate the cause of the accident. We review operator logs and maintenance logs to figure out if drivers have exceeded weight or hour limits and if this contributed to the accident.

Due to the nature of the accident and the parties involved in the accident, including the driver and the trucking company, the approach taken to recovering in a personal injury lawsuit in a truck accident is different from other types of accidents. Lawyers at our firm are experienced in this specific type of recovery and can offer assistance at all level of the process.

Victims injured in a truck accident in Minnesota may not know what steps to take to protect their rights. Our firm’s overview of truck accident can help victims and loved ones affect by such an incident. You can take advantage of this knowledge and take appropriate action in you situation to preserve and protect your rights and interests.