We can help in the aftermath of a fatal accident

Car accidents affect not only the accident victim but also their loved ones. When a fatal motor vehicle accident claims the life of a Minnesota resident, family members can be devastated as they try to come to terms with their grief and deal with the aftermath of their loss. When the fatal accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, such as in a drunk driving accident, criminal penalties may not be enough to hold the drunk driver accountable in the eyes of the victim’s family. Holding someone accountable in a civil lawsuit can go a long way in helping family members get a sense of justice.

During this difficult time, experienced lawyers at our law firm can be of assistance. They understand that it’s likely that insurers will not voluntarily provide the compensation family members are entitled to in an accident. In those situations, lawyers at our firm step up and work to protect family members’ rights and ensure they are not short changed or taken advantage of.

Even though it is very difficult to quantify the loss someone suffers when a loved one is killed in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, a wrongful death claim is one way to cover expenses associated with their sudden passing. Every accident is different and lawyers at our firm listen carefully to families to determine a strategy that best suits their situation.

Whether it involves using an expert witness and financial forecasters to determine the compensation victims deserve or accident reconstructionists to recreate the scene of the accident, experienced lawyers at our firm are ready to assist Minnesota residents and fight for the compensation they deserve.

Source: For more information on how we can help, visit our Rochester Car Accidents Lawyers webpage.