What to do if injured in a Minnesota accident?

Minnesota residents involved in a car crash may sustain injuries that require not only time to heal, but also a significant amount of money to cover medical expenses associated with the crash. An injured victim’s first priority should be their health. As soon as they are able, however, they may want to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions in causing the car accident.

While an injured party is recuperating, there are a few steps they can take to preserve their right to file a personal injury lawsuit. In addition to collecting evidence as to who caused the accident and photographing the damage caused by the accident, victims may also want to get contact information of all the witnesses of the accident and make a note about conversations had with other people involved in the accident. Victims should also write down everything that has happened to them since the accident, including the medical bills they incurred, injuries they sustained and wages they lost due to their injuries.

According to FindLaw, victims should also inform whoever they are going to file the lawsuit against about their intention to do so. Although there is no set time limit on when they should inform them, it is better to act quickly and efficiently in this regard. Informing the other party of the intention to file a lawsuit does not mean that the injured party has to file a lawsuit; it simply preserves their right to do so in the future.

Nonetheless, the future should not be too far off because the statute of limitations sets down the maximum time an injured party has to bring various types of lawsuits. If this time period lapses, the injured party may be barred from bringing that specific lawsuit. An experienced attorney may be able to inform injured Minnesota residents about the various time limitations, and help guide them through the process, so a victim’s number one priority remains their health.

Source: FindLaw.com, “First Steps in Personal Injury Claim,” accessed on Aug. 26, 2014

Source: FindLaw.com, “First Steps in Personal Injury Claim,” accessed on Aug. 26, 2014