Bicycle accident caused by drunk driver

Bicycling is a way to not only enjoy the warmer weather, but also a way to keep in shape after the winter pounds piled on. However, bicycling may be becoming more and more dangerous as two more people were hit riding a bicycle in Minneapolis.

According to the police, a 62-year-old woman struck a couple bicycling with her van. She hit the couple and continued driving, subsequently, hitting two other vehicles before stopping a few blocks away. The couples suffered broken bones and were taken to the hospital where the male victim is listed to be in serious condition.

Not only is she suspected of drunken driving, but also of driving with a revoked license. This may be the third time in three years that she has been accused of driving without a license. Not only did the police smell alcohol on her breath, but she also admitted to drinking and driving.

This is the second time bicyclists have been injured in a hit and run accident in just a week. In the other accident, the couple was struck by a car that then fled the scene of the accident, and the husband was seriously injured in the accident. Police officers are still trying to locate the driver involved in that accident.

Everyone on the road must pay attention to other drivers around them, but drivers often end up overlooking motorcyclists and bicyclists when they are making a turn or just simply do not pay attention to the road. When this happens, disastrous injuries can result because bicyclists are relatively unprotected against injuries in the event of a crash with a bigger vehicle.

Nonetheless, they can try to protect themselves after the crash takes place by holding the responsible party accountable for their reckless behavior. A personal injury lawsuit may not make the accident go away, but the compensation received can cover medical expenses that include pain and suffering.

Source: Bring Me the News, “Suspected drunk driver hits bicyclists in Minneapolis, flees the scene,” Melanie Sommer, Aug. 10, 2014