Minnesota motorcyclist killed by golf cart

In these warm summer months, it is not unusual for some Minnesota residents to take their motorcycle out for a spin. Many people consider motorcycles to be the best combination of recreational vehicle and practical mode of transportation. But with the low fuel costs and fun ride, come high risk.

Recently, an unusual motorcycle accident has taken the life of a popular Minnesota doctor. According to reports, the doctor was driving a new 2014 Ducati Monster motorcycle when the man collided with a golf cart on the road near a lake. Residents of the area apparently use golf carts to move around the area, however, they are not legally allowed on roadways. Prior to the accident, the golf cart’s driver attempted a left hand turn in front of the doctor’s motorcycle. This apparently led to the fatal motorcycle accident.

Minnesota State Patrol will continue to investigate the accident. This investigation will hopefully provide some answers about how and why this accident occurred. While an accident investigation will never bring the person back, it can help the family members of fatal motorcycle accidents find closure.

An investigation can also help to determine negligence. A driver is negligent if that driver is not acting as a reasonable driver would under the same or similar circumstances. Negligent behavior could include breaking traffic laws including driving unauthorized vehicles on the roadway or failing to yield to a motorcycle’s right of way. Other evidence of negligence includes distracted driving or driving under the influence.

In a situation where a driver is negligent and causes a fatal motorcycle accident, that driver can be held financially responsible for the accident.

Source: KMSP, “Monticello doctor killed in crash with motorcycle, golf cart,” Paul Blume, July 20, 2014