Minnesota couple dies in truck accident, teen injured

A Minnesota couple in their sixties was killed in a multi vehicle accident involving a semitrailer recently. They had taken their granddaughter sightseeing and were now in another state visiting family members. Their teenager granddaughter sustained serious injuries and was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for those injuries. A police investigation continues into the truck accident.

The couple was approaching a construction zone where traffic was slowing down. Their vehicle was struck from behind by the semi trailer and the victims’ car hit another tractor trailer and another vehicle from the back. It took emergency personnel more than an hour to pull their 13-year-old granddaughter from the vehicle. She broke her arm, hip and leg in the accident. Her parents arrived at the hospital soon after.

While looking into the cause of the accident, police are also trying to determine if the truck driver had driven more hours than federal law permits. Trucking hours, along with truck size and load are strictly regulated by both federal and state laws in order to prevent tragic truck accidents.

Truck accidents can be fatal not just for the vehicles involved but also for neighboring vehicles, as the truckload can slip off the truck and injure other cars. In addition to this, their size prevents them from breaking and accelerating quickly, therefore their reaction time is slower than smaller vehicles and other drivers are at risk of crashing into them.

When Minnesota residents lose their loved ones in a tragic truck crash, they may be able to hold both the negligent driver and the trucking company accountable for their careless behavior. Though nothing can bring back the accident victims, compensation received through the personal injury/wrongful death claim may ease the financial burden associated with a sudden accident.

Source: Star Tribune, “Minnesota couple dies in crash on I-70 near New Castle, 13-year-old granddaughter survives,” June 22, 2014