Safety tips to avoid motorcycle accidents in Minnesota

An accident usually causes injuries to all those involved, but when the crash is between a motorcycle and another vehicle, the injuries tend to be more serious, not only because of the difference in the size of the vehicles, but also because of difference in protection that is available to motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders have little or no protection when they are on the road surrounded by cars weighing two tons and are often often overlooked by drivers as they make their way down the road.

As summer approaches and more and more motorcyclists take to the road, there are a few steps that Minnesotans can take to keep themselves safe, whether they are driving a car or riding a motorcycle. According to the Harley Davidson Sports Center, motorcyclists should remain vigilant on the street, especially at intersections where other drivers may not see them. In fact, motorcyclists should anticipate that they will not be seen by other drivers. The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety offers courses that teach motorcyclists these precise skills.

Wearing a helmet and leather protective gear also are ways to avoid injuries in case of an accident. Riders should also drive responsibly and respectfully. They shouldn’t be trying to weave in and out of traffic and angering other people on the road. Respecting traffic rules is essential in order to avoid an accident, whether driving a motorcycle or a car.

Despite precautions, motorcycle accidents still take place and endanger the lives of those involved. Minnesota residents injured in an accident may want to hold the negligent driver responsible for their actions through a personal injury lawsuit. Though it is not possible to quantify their injuries, compensation received through a successful suit may cover medical expenses and other expenses that are associated with a crash.

Source: Northlands News Center Now, “Safety tips as warmer weather brings out motorcycles,” May 29, 2014