Driver’s failure to yield causes multiple-vehicle accident

Any car accident can be serious and in nature and result in those drivers and passengers involved suffering painful and debilitating injuries. One of the most common places that car accidents occur is at intersections. In many cases, a driver’s failure to yield right of way or stop are to blame. The effects of a rear-end collision or side-impact crash can be devastating and leave those involved with painful injuries that often require both immediate and ongoing medical care.

Owatonna County police report that four individuals were recently involved in a crash at an intersection along Highway 14. According to the accident report, the accident occurred when a 50-year-old man attempted to perform a dangerous maneuver with his vehicle.

As several vehicles were stopped at a red light, the 50-year-old driver attempted to drive up the center lane between the vehicles. Upon doing so, he rear-ended a pickup truck driven by a 32-year-old man. The impact of the crash sent both vehicles forward and impacted two other motor vehicles. Injuries suffered by four of the individuals involved in the crash necessitated a trip to a local hospital. Additionally, the two vehicles directly involved in the accident suffered extensive damage and were deemed as being totaled.

This multiple-vehicle accident appears to have occurred simply because the 50-year-old man was in a hurry and exercised poor judgment when deciding to drive between the stopped vehicles. Individuals injured in rear-end accidents typically suffer multiple injuries including those to the head, neck and back. These types of injuries are not only painful, but also result in those impacted incurring hefty medical bills.

In cases where an individual is injured in a car accident caused by another driver, a personal injury lawsuit can be an appropriate means to recovering compensation. Damages may be awarded for injuries, property damage, medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: Owatonna People’s Press, “Pair of Highway 14 crashes sends 7 people, including two from Owatonna, to hospital,” Al Strain, Dec. 5, 2013